See what HiHi users think of our phone system…

(Average score: 4.8/5)



See what HiHi users think of our phone system…

(Average score: 4.8/5)

Has allowed us to easily adjust between home and the office

Our switchover to the HiHi system has allowed us to easily adjust between home office and being physically in the office when required. The set up from start to finish was brill, communication was great and our engineer was a star! Would recommend the HiHi system!


Much simpler

Phone are very nice, especially the call parking / forwarding which is much simpler than the old PBX system we had. Engineer even tidied up the rats nest of cabling under my desk!


The system is very easy to use and integrate

We have had HiHi phones installed in our business, and have found the system very easy to use and integrate. The training was great and we have found this easy to use.


Given my business everything it needed

From the initial meeting, the installation and the after care I have nothing but compliments for the staff. Always available, always professional always helpful and always quick. Since the installation, I have had no issues with the equipment, its so user friendly, effectively its an iPhone that sits on your desk. Call Directory, Phone Messages are easy to manage and we are all in love with the App that allows you to manage your calls when out the office. I don't want to be over dramatic, but HIHI has given me and my business everything it needed. Thank you!


HiHi2 for remote working

After using the HiHi2 for remote working at home for the entirety of lockdown I can't imagine using anything else. Being able to stay in touch with my colleagues via a quick video call was invaluable and being able to transfer calls by clicking their names is the easiest method I've used. Love it 10/10


Allowed us all to work seamlessly

Having been a user of the original HiHi phone system for 4 years now, we were pleasantly surprised when we were presented with an upgrade package to the new HiHi tablet based system. The entire range of hardware and software was easy to use, and allowed us all to work seamlessly from home during the first and second lockdown. I genuinely believe that without the HiHi products we would have struggled to maintain our high levels of customer service and satisfaction.

Purdie Worldwide

Work from anywhere

As with many businesses, the last year has required restructuring in many aspects of day to day operation. Having seen the HiHi advert during the initial lockdown, we were then approached direct as to installing their system. From the outset, the simplicity gave us confidence that this was going to assist in-house plus with any future needs as to working from home etc. Once committed the installation team were in constant contact through to completion. Several months on, we are comfortable with the system, with only a couple of minor issues arising, these are dealt with promptly.

HiHi User