The business phone you’ve always wanted

The cloud-based HiHi deskphone helps to future-proof your business, giving you a range of options to easily stay connected with your teams and customers.



The business phone you’ve always wanted

The cloud-based HiHi deskphone helps to future-proof your business, giving you a range of options to easily stay connected with your teams and customers.


The smarter phone for your desk

Seamlessly work from anywhere with HiHi, a business deskphone designed and developed in the UK. Alongside its business communication apps, the HiHi deskphone helps to ensure you stay connected and improves your business with its range of features and solutions. The HiHi deskphone is easy to use and can be tailored to suit your needs with additional apps from the Google Play Store. Whether you need a small business phone system or a larger system, we can help.

Built-in video calling

Stay connected with your team

Intuitive experience

Made to feel familiar

Hybrid working

Easily work from anywhere

HiHi Deskphones

VoIP Technology

What is a deskphone?

The HiHi deskphone is a VoIP (Voice over IP) telephone designed to make calls over the internet rather than using a traditional phone network. Deskphone systems allow for seamless communications between colleagues, customers and clients as HiHi’s reliable network ensures your devices stay connected at all times.

HiHi deskphones come with a wide range of features, provide excellent audio and video quality and can be paired with your own hardware such as headsets.

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A deskphone made for connecting

Video calling technology is at the very heart of all HiHi products. Designed to keep co-workers connected, high-quality video calling is enabled for all HiHi to HiHi deskphone users. Easily hold private video conversations from your desk, with the HiHi deskphone docked to the perfect angle for visibility.

When you partner the HiHi deskphone with our mobile app, HiHi There, you can also video call with any non-HiHi users, such as your customers or suppliers.



Call management made easy

HiHi is a business deskphone made to feel familiar. Built with an Android operating system, it provides a sleek user-experience which helps to make your day-to-day life easier. With simple, user-friendly settings, you can effortlessly transfer calls, set up a conference call, add contacts, review call analytics data and access your voicemail.

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A single
contact list

The HiHi deskphone gives you the ability to create a global address book, a shared directory with everyone in your business, so you have access to all your colleagues’ numbers and emails at the touch of a button. The HiHi deskphone can hold up to 500 contacts, and you can easily sync contacts from your Google or Outlook account into one single list on your device.

Contacts you import in or manually add yourself will be held locally on your device, so only you have access to them.

Hybrid working HIHI
Hybrid working tablet
Hybrid working Mobile

Hybrid Working

The freedom of flexible working

The HiHi deskphone can be easily adapted for working from various locations. Designed as two components, a tablet and base unit, the tablet is the main element of the HiHi deskphone and can simply be undocked from the base to give you the freedom within the office, at home or elsewhere.

If you don’t have a set desk, or work between the office and home, you only need to keep your HiHi tablet with you. You can then easily dock it at any base unit from where you are working from to remain connected and make and receive calls via your own business number without the need for a dedicated HiHi handset.

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More than just a deskphone

As a Google certified device, the HiHi deskphone gives you access to the Google Play Store* and their suite of apps to help you personalise your phone to suit your needs. Download your favourite apps, including Outlook and Microsoft Teams†, to give you the perfect tools for your business.

With access to your Google or Outlook account on your HiHi deskphone, you can view your emails and calendar from your device. Add widgets to see your inbox or schedule on your homescreen and customise your phone with your own photos.

*HiHi does not offer technical support for third-party applications or accounts. †Outlook or Teams account required.

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