Medium business

Grow your business
with HiHi

HiHi provide highly versatile business phones, with a removable touchscreen display, mobile apps and software to help your business succeed.

Medium business

Grow your business
with HiHi

HiHi provide highly versatile business phones, with a removable touchscreen display, mobile apps and software to help your business succeed.

The ideal phone system for future growth

Versatile business phones for ambitious companies

As a medium-size business you need a phone system that will help you impress your loyal customer base and give you a scalable platform to continue to grow. HiHi phone system come complete with CRM integration, allowing you to easily view customer records as they call your business, as well as mobile apps to keep you and your team connected with your customers, wherever you are choosing to work.

Our key products for medium businesses

More than a phone

HiHi Deskphone

HiHi provide versatile business deskphones, designed with ease-of-use in mind. Its removable, touchscreen display is customisable and it also boasts access to Google Play Store.

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Take it with you

HiHi Mobile Apps

Our mobile apps, HiHi Connect and HiHi There, help to keep you connected, wherever you and your team are choosing to work. Discover more about these two apps on our apps page.

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Gain valuable insight

Suite of Apps

Our apps help you to track and manage the call-related performance of your team. See helpful information such as missed call reports, call flow analysis and much more.

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Benefits to medium-sized businesses

These products, alongside others which come as standard with every HiHi phone system, help keep your business available whatever the circumstances. HiHi provide highly versatile phone systems, allowing you to pull calls from your deskphone to your mobile, replicate your entire system onto your mobile (saving you from additional mobile phone expenditure in the process), and enjoy video calls with those that may not have a HiHi deskphone themselves.

Remote/hybrid working

Keep your business connected

Many medium-sized businesses had to adapt quickly during the initial lockdown, as they were unfamiliar with how best to set up their systems to allow their employees to work from home. HiHi makes this a seamless process. The tablet component of your HiHi is detachable, meaning you can easily take it home. We can also provide additional base units so that you can enjoy the full functionality at home as well as in the office.

Utilising our HiHi Connect mobile app also helps to keep you and your team connected, as you can replicate your entire phone system, including presence, hunt groups, and call forwarding chains onto your mobile.

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Integrate with your CRM systems

Build Relationships

If you believe in the adage that “people buy from people” then HiHi could provide your ideal phone system. We provide integration with over 50 CRM platforms which enables your customers record(s) to appear on screen as they call into your business.

What’s more, with our mobile app HiHi There, you can invite customers, suppliers and other stakeholders to enjoy video calls with you, even if they don’t have a HiHi deskphone themselves. In short, HiHi is a phone system that makes creating and building business relationships easier than ever before.

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Deliver great insights

Capture each and every call

One of the often-cited concerns about working from home is the loss of accountability, but with HiHi that issue is solved. All calls, whether they’re made from a deskphone or an app are recorded in both the call recording and call reporting software. Using this information allows you to identify any bottlenecks in your call-flows and adjust accordingly. You’ll also be able to see who answers the most calls and spends the longest on the phone, among many other insightful statistics. With HiHi, you’ll see all of the information you need, wherever your team are working.

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Scalable Phone Systems

A phone system that can grow with you

HiHi provide cloud-based VoIP phone systems, making it straightforward to scale up as you need to. As your company grows, you would simply let your service provider know and they would be able to deliver new HiHi deskphones, preconfigured, to you and deploy further HiHi Connect and HiHi There licenses so that your new employees can hit the ground running from the day they start.