Call Centre Management

Build a first-class customer experience

Every business has different needs, and with our HiHi Call Centre Feature packages you can select the one that best suits you.

Call Centre Management

Build a first-class customer experience

Every business has different needs, and with our HiHi Call Centre Feature packages you can select the one that best suits you.

A simple call centre solution

Easily connect customers with your agents

If you have an inbound call centre, you want to be able to provide helpful customer service quickly and efficiently. Our HiHi Call Centre Feature packages can offer you a range of options to best suit the scale of your call centre for simple call management. Alongside our variety of software, you can improve the productivity of your agents while gaining insight into your daily call activities.

Basic Standard Premium
Call distrubtion
Call Queuing
Entrance message
Queue messages
ACD states X
Call whisper X X
Agent skill levels X X
Silent monitoringX X
Outbound CLIP (Calling Line Identification Presentation) X X

Effortlessly manage calls

Easily route inbound calls to agents with rules defined by you.

Regular distribution

Calls are distributed in order. Every incoming call is directed to the first person in the list. If they are not available, the system works sequentially down the list.

Regular: rings each user in the order they appear in the list

Circular (Round Robin) distribution

Inbound calls are passed around a list of agents in a circular direction. Once a call is answered, the next inbound call starts with the following agent on the list.

Circular: notes the last user to answer a call and rings the next user on the list

Simultaneous distribution

When a call comes in, the system rings all available agents together, and the first person to answer is connected to the incoming call first.

Simultaneous: rings all users at once

Uniform distribution

The system will direct an incoming call to the agent who has taken the least calls for that day. If unavailable, it will work through the next agent with a low number.

Uniform: first rings the user who has gone longest without receiving a call

Weighted distribution

Incoming calls are shared out according to a weighted system that you have defined. This will specify the percentage of incoming calls each agent should receive.

Weighted call distribution: shares out calls according to a weighting system that specifies the percentages of call each user should receive

Improve customer service

Assist your agents in real-time, while using the different skills within your teams to your advantage.

Call Whisper

Upload a specific message that is played to an agent before answering an incoming call. This could be a campaign code, so the agent knows how best to answer, or information that can be easily forgotten.

Agent Skill Levels

Assign different skill levels to agents. Incoming calls will then be distributed to agents with the best matched skills first, to improve customer satisfaction and improve the time taken on a call to fix a resolution.

Entrance & Queue Messages

Easily inform your customers that they have been connected but have been placed in a queue. Used alongside On-Hold Marketing, your customers will be kept engaged until an available agent can take their call.

Optimise performance

Coach your agents using their own conversations and enhance your call routing.

Silent Monitoring

Monitor calls while they are in progress to give feedback and guidance to your agents. Silent monitoring is undetectable to both the caller and the agent, so you can observe real-time calls to help with training purposes.

ACD (Automatic Call Distribution)

An ACD system can help to streamline the process of routing calls to agents, helping to reduce call queues, while ensuring customers get help from the best-skilled agent for their issue.

DNIS (Dialled Number Identification Service)

Identify the number that the caller originally called in from. Helping you to route the call correctly, you can also use this to analyse which telephone numbers people are using to call in.

More than just customer support

As a Call Centre, you’ll need a phone system that can easily adapt as your teams grow. With a cloud-based PBX, a HiHi phone system will give your agents the ability to easily control their telephone system via their computer, improving their productivity. Alongside this, HiHi2 comes complete with CRM integration, allowing your agents to easily view customer records as they call in and with Call Reporting and Call Recording Software, you can monitor call traffic and performance.

Our key products for Call Centres

CRM Integration

HiHi Vision

Integrate your phone system and CRM application together, to enable your agents to create a more engaging conversation and enhance customer service.

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Gain valuable insight

HiHi Call Reporting

Proactively call back calls that came in out-of-hours and better manage your teams with the ability to view real-time call activity.

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Capture every detail

HiHi Call Recording

Record, playback and store the recordings of all your inbound calls, giving you the ability to use it for training purposes, dispute resolutions and fact-checking.

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