The ideal phone for
small businesses

HiHi's deskphones is designed for usability and flexibility; wherever your small business may go, HiHi will keep you and your business connected.


The ideal phone for
small businesses

HiHi's deskphones is designed for usability and flexibility; wherever your small business may go, HiHi will keep you and your business connected.

Small Business

Helping to grow your small business

Being a small business owner often means needing to handle a lot of different roles. Using HiHi takes the stress out of your telecoms. The HiHi system provides an easy-to-use and versatile deskphone, alongside mobile apps which keep you and your team connected, and a suite of management apps to help you monitor call traffic and team performance. Read more about our Small Business Phone system package below.

Our key products for Small Businesses


HiHi Deskphone

HiHi provide versatile business deskphone, designed with ease-of-use in mind. Its removable, touchscreen display is customisable and it also boasts access to Google Play Store.

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HiHi Mobile Apps

Our mobile apps, HiHi Connect and HiHi There, help to keep you connected, wherever you and your team are choosing to work. Discover more about these two apps on our apps page.

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Suite of Apps

Our apps help you to track and manage the call-related performance of your team. See helpful information such as missed call reports, call flow analysis and much more.

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Benefits to Small Businesses

These products, alongside others that are included as standard with every HiHi phone system, help to keep your small business connected and productive, wherever you’re choosing to work. You can easily take your HiHi’s tablet home with you or install the mobile or PC apps to keep you connected at home. Each product and every piece of software is designed to keep you in control and to help you set up your phone system so that it matches how you prefer to work.

Available anywhere

Replicate your phone system on your mobile

If you choose to be away from the office, the HiHi Connect app can keep you as connected as you’d like to be. The app allows you to replicate your phone system onto your mobile, including presence in hunt groups and call forward chains, meaning that you won’t lose functionality. It also uses your work phone number for outgoing calls, enabling you to keep your personal number private and avoiding having to pay for additional mobile phones for remote employees.

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Remote/hybrid working

Keep your team connected, wherever they’re choosing to work

HiHi’s deskphones and HiHi Connect combine to create a truly versatile phone system, capable of seamlessly switching between office and home working. We offer you the option of additional bases for your deskphone, so that you can simply move your HiHi’s tablet between locations to maintain the full functionality. You can also utilise the HiHi Connect mobile app, as mentioned above, to keep you connected remotely. What’s more, you can easily move calls from your HiHi deskphone onto the HiHi Connect app.

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Capture every opportunity

See all of your missed calls with Call Reporting

The suite of apps which come as standard with every HiHi phone system help you to capture every opportunity for your business. Even though HiHi Connect and HiHi’s deskphones keep you available, it’s inevitable that you will miss an occasional call. Thankfully, our Call Reporting software will alert you to all missed calls, so that you can return them and capitalise on the related business opportunities. You can easily customise these reports to suit your way of working and have them sent to you at intervals of your choosing.

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Improve performance & service

Drive improvements with Call Recording

Our suite of software helps you to consistently improve the performance and service levels of your small business. Call Recording software helps you to ensure that your staff are providing a great service and gives an excellent opportunity for training to help your team develop further. It’s also useful for checking back on orders and reminding you and your team of previous conversations with clients. Our Call Reporting software can help you to identify any phone call bottle necks within your company, so that you can make changes to hunt groups and call forwarding to provide callers with a better experience.

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