HiHi Business Phone About us HiHi was established in the UK

After years of listening to the frustrations of business phone users, an idea was born to develop and build an innovative product that was intuitive to use and improved upon the traditional business deskphone.

HiHi was established in the UK, using the knowledge and experience of years within the telecommunications industry to design and develop a new deskphone. Essential features were improved to enhance usability, while new technology was built-in to transform the deskphone into a modern product, adapted for the future of the industry and providing solutions as businesses evolved.

HiHi’s first product launched in 2015 and was a great success, helping to deliver businesses throughout the UK with a new modern business phone. In partnership with our platinum providers, HiHi1 was offered as part of their VoIP phone systems, providing companies with a revolutionary cloud-based deskphone as well as a system which is faster, more reliable, and easily scalable.

In 2019, HiHi2 was launched. With an upgraded platform and advanced processor, HiHi2 builds upon the sleek user-experience and features of the first product, while progressing it further into a more accessible device with its detachable tablet to aid remote working and Google certification. In 2021, HiHi3 was launched with an updated processor and software. With remote working now more popular than ever, the deskphone’s tablet design continued to ensure that people could always stay connected.

As well as two deskphones, HiHi has launched two mobile applications, HiHi Connect and HiHi There, which are designed to provide unified communications solutions to both HiHi and non-HiHi users. These are both available on Google Play Store and the App Store. In 2021, HiHi Connect 2 was launched, an updated version of the app, with further deskphone features available to access via the smartphone app.

A desktop-based Computer Telephone Integration (CTI) product, HiHi Vision, is also available for customers through our platinum partners, alongside other business software.

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