Working From Home

Easily work from home with HiHi2, HiHi Connect and HiHi There

Designed for working anywhere

HiHi products were designed to keep everyone connected no matter where they are working from, with video calling technology at the very heart of it all. As working environments differ vastly between industries, HiHi2 was devised as a more adaptable deskphone, which can be personalised to suit individual needs. To provide further solutions for working remotely, HiHi Connect and HiHi There make sure businesses can remain contactable via both audio and video from anywhere, giving users more freedom.


Remote working made easy

HiHi2 was designed to that it can be easily adapted to different ways of working. The deskphone is made up of two components, a base unit and tablet. The tablet is the main element of the HiHi2, and it is this that gives you the ability to make and receive calls, as well as storing your contacts, files, photos and apps on it. With the ability to undock your tablet from your HiHi2’s base, you have the freedom to work remotely while remaining connected to others.

Take the office home with you

Make life easier for you with an additional base unit set-up at home. This gives you the freedom to simply dock and undock your tablet your office and home base units. While HiHi2’s tablet allows you to make and take both audio and video calls wherever there is a connection, a base unit in both your main working areas help to ensure your HiHi2 is docked to the perfect angle for greater visibility on video calls.

HiHi Connect

What is HiHi Connect?

All HiHi2 deskphone users have access to our mobile app HiHi Connect. This app allows you to use your mobile phone as an extension of your HiHi2. If you are away from your desk when your HiHi2 rings, you can simply answer the call via your HiHi Connect app on your mobile which also offers video calling functionality.

Find out more about HiHi Connect

Replicate your HiHi2 on your mobile

HiHi Connect gives you the ability to stay connected with others when working away from your desk. Available on both iOS and Android devices, as well as desktops and laptops, HiHi Connect ensures that you can easily answer all incoming calls. Replicating your company’s phone system, any hunt groups or call diverts that are in place will continue to work as they would within the office.

Stay connected with HiHi2 and HiHi Connect

HiHi2 and HiHi Connect helps to ensure all your employees stay connected, wherever they may be working from. With the ability to replicate your deskphone on your mobile using the HiHi Connect app, employees can quickly and seamlessly transition from working in the office to working at home should they need to.

A phone system which includes a HiHi2 deskphone completely replicates your normal office setup on the HiHi Connect, enabling every employee to work remotely without any disruption to your business.

Employees can use their HiHi2 deskphones either in the office or at home, or their HiHi Connect app, to make outbound calls, receive inbound calls, and to transfer calls to other staff members who could be using either.