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Easily invite anyone to a video call via our unique mobile app HiHi There. With the ability to invite someone to a call from your HiHi2 homescreen, you can easily see and speak to non-HiHi2 users via the app.

Available to use on iOS and Android devices, as well as desktops, the app is free to use, giving everyone the ability to enjoy video calling.

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Intuitive to use

As a HiHi2 user, it couldn’t be simpler to use; just send your contact an email or text invitation to download the HiHi There app. This invitation includes a unique link for the recipient, and once they’ve successfully downloaded the app, they need to click this link to be able to call you.

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HiHi There is free to use, with no sign-up or account required, giving everyone accessibility to enjoy video calling. HiHi There can be used on Android or iOS mobile devices, as well as computer browsers (synced with a web-cam), giving users the freedom to video call in many ways, from anywhere at any time.

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A great

Video communication helps to create a more immediate rapport with business partners and customers alike, by being able to see more of what is really being said. HiHi There gives you the ability to see and speak to people without the need to travel, reducing wasted travel time and costs.

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