Making a call

Press either the Contacts icon or Phone icon in the top-left of the home screen. Alternatively, you can also lift the handset receiver which immediately opens the Phone app.
If you are in the Contacts app, use the keyboard to enter the name of the contact you are wanting to call. They will need to be a saved contact to enable them to be found.
Pressing the name of the contact will show a smaller pop-up of their contact details. Press on their number to call them. You can also quick call some contacts if they have the ‘Call Extension’ button to the right of their name when they first appear.
If you are in the Phone app, you have access to your full alphabetical contact list which you can scroll through to find the name and choose the number you want to call the person on. You will also find all your recent calls in the Phone app, including your missed calls, so you can easily ring contacts back from this list.
If you are calling an unknown contact, use the keypad to the left to enter the number you wish to call. Pressing the green phone icon will begin your call.
TIP: If you know the person you are calling is not a saved contact, press the green Phone icon from the home screen to get to the keypad screen quicker, or lift the handset receiver.