Video Calling

Stay connected with your colleagues, suppliers and customers through video.

Face-to-face communication

HiHi2 is a fully connected device, with the ability to make and receive video calls between HiHi2 devices in high-quality video. Designed to help make face-to-face communication easier, HiHi2 ensures that can both see and speak to your colleagues, without the need to travel. Partnered with our unique mobile app, HiHi There, you can also video call with your customers and suppliers.

Designed to ensure you experience seamless video calling, your HiHi2 is docked to a perfect angle for greater visibility, so the struggle to find that comfortable viewing position at your desk has been removed. In its base unit it’s the perfect device for hands-free video calling, while with its superior video and high-resolution display, you also have the freedom to undock the tablet and move around while on a call.

Video Calls

Create a great rapport

Video calling technology is at the very heart of all HiHi products, and HiHi2 is no exception. Designed to keep people connected, video calling is automatically enabled for all HiHi2 to HiHi2 users, so you can easily create a better rapport with your colleagues at other sites or effortlessly include your team member who works remotely in meetings. HiHi2’s high-quality video helps to increase productivity as video calling decreases the need to travel for meetings, saving both time and money.

Superior communication

HiHi2 gives you the easy benefit of holding a private video call between colleagues, without the need to use headphones to keep the conversation personal and uninterrupted. It gives you the advantage of being able to see someone’s body language while they are speaking; their gestures, facial expressions and hands. These visual aspects are all important in helping to get a message across and helps to bridge the gap between an audio call and being in the same room as someone.

HiHi There

What is HiHi There?

HiHi There is our unique mobile app that allows you to invite your customers, suppliers and business partners to a video call, without the need for them to be a HiHi2 user. As a free app, with no sign-up or account required, HiHi There gives everyone the accessibility to enjoy video callings, from wherever they are, on iOS and Android mobile devices and computer browsers with a web-cam.

Create a unique customer experience

Using HiHi There gives you the advantage of speaking to your customers via video to improve their experience. You can easily show things to your customers, such as a specific product or colour, helping you to confirm orders over video, as they can see what they are choosing without the need to travel to see it. Video can help improve efficiency as customers can see products and tell you any changes they’d like, decreasing the chance for errors.

Face-to-face meetings

You can easily invite suppliers and business partners to a video call, improving productivity as no travel time is needed to see each other face-to-face and show and discuss work. HiHi There is a perfect app for hiring managers and recruiters as you can invite candidates for a video call interview, giving them a more accessible way to interview which is more convenient, quicker and involves no travel costs.