HiHi There

Easily video call anyone via our unique mobile app.

Video calling made accessible

HiHi There gives non-HiHi2 users the ability to video call with you, via the app on their mobile device or through a browser synced with a webcam. A unique way to create a great face-to-face experience, it gives you the ability of seeing and speaking to your customers, suppliers and business partners and the ability to show them products, without the need for them to travel to see you.

Video calling improves productivity by reducing travel times and costs, while still giving the face-to-face interaction that a meeting in the same room would give. It also helps to improve efficiency; you can easily see each other and products, so you can confirm if they are right or wrong, decreasing the chance for errors. HiHi There is a free app, with no sign-up or account required, meaning that everyone can enjoy the benefits of video calling.

How does it work?

Easily send an invite

HiHi There has been designed to be easy to use. All HiHi2s have a HiHi There button on their home screen, which when pressed, displays an invitation pop-up. You only need to enter in the recipient’s name and either their email address or mobile number, and they will receive a unique link so they can call you.

Download the HiHi There app

To use the link in the invitation, your recipient will need to download the app on a mobile device. HiHi There is available via Google Play Store and the App Store. Once the app has been downloaded, when the unique link is clicked it will automatically open in the app so you can initiate a call.

Can be used on laptops and desktops

For those without access to a mobile device, HiHi There can easily be used on laptops and desktops. When your recipient clicks the link in their email, the app will open in their browser, giving them the ability to enjoy video calling. The laptop or desktop will need to have a webcam functionality to be able to initiate a call.

Freedom to enjoy face-to-face communication

HiHi There gives your customers, suppliers, business partners and anyone else who isn’t a HiHi2 user the option to hold a video call with you! It’s the perfect addition to your communication solutions to help improve different areas of your business.