Your Contacts
and Call Options

Sync your contacts into one single list, with access to them in the office or on the move.

Contacts and call management made easy

The Contacts app on HiHi2 has been designed so that it is intuitive to use. With the ability to save up to 500 contacts to your device, you can easily search for a contact manually by either typing in a name or the start of a phone number, or by scrolling through your full alphabetical list of contacts. Create a global address book, that contains a shared directory for everyone in your business, while also giving each user the option to sync and add their own contacts locally to their device.


Your HiHi2 logs all your recent call history, which you can easily filter so just missed calls are shown. This can help with returning the call, as you can quickly dial the contact back from this list. You can also add any unknown contacts from your recent calls into your phonebook for future reference and quicker dialling. Any missed calls are shown with a notification on the homescreen, so you can easily see without the need to go into the Contacts app.

Favourite Contacts

Your Favourite contacts

HiHi2 comes with the functionality to add a contact as a Favourite, meaning they appear in a separate list within the Contacts app so you can quickly and easily find individuals without the need to manually search for them or scroll through the full list.

Add your Favourites to your homescreen

To gain even quicker access to your Favourite contacts, you can add a widget to your homescreen. When you have contacts added in your Favourite list, these contacts will also appear within the Favourite widget on your homescreen, giving you even quicker access to contact them. This is perfect for those people you speak to often, as you can initiate a call in just two touches, without leaving the homescreen.


See who’s available or engaged at a glance

HiHi2 comes with an availability checker called Presence. Against all your colleagues’ avatars, there will be a little coloured icon that changes from green to amber to red, depending on the user’s status. This feature is perfect for giving you advance knowledge of who is currently available, who is about to take a call, or who is busy.

Transfer a call to available staff

Using this system helps to ensure you don’t waste time making or transferring a call to find that the caller is already busy. It helps to improve productivity within the business with fewer missed calls to return and improve customer service by only transferring your customers to people who are readily available, lowering unnecessary hold times.


What is a global address book?

A global address book is a shared electronic contact list, which usually contains all the contact information of employees within a business. It’s a searchable directory, giving everyone in the company access to the information contained, such as phone numbers, email addresses, job roles and locations, with only administrators having the ability to add or update the list.

Syncing contacts from third-party accounts

As HiHi2 is a Google certified device, when you sign into your Google account you can sync your Google contacts into your phonebook. As you add and remove contacts in your Google account, your HiHi2 phonebook will be updated. You can also sync contacts from other accounts such as Outlook or Office 365, helping you to have just one single contact list. Your HiHi2 can hold up to 500 contacts in total, including from synced accounts, and contacts synced are only visible to you.

Adding contacts from recent calls

You can easily create contacts from your recent calls, which will be added locally to your phonebook so that they are only visible to you. Adding someone as a contact enables you to have the identification of them when they ring in the future and enables quicker dialing when you need to call them. You can assign an avatar to their profile which will be seen when they call and can also add a personalised ringtone.

Call Options

Call Forwarding

HiHi2 lets you easily configure a call divert if you are going to be away from your desk. With a range of options, you can select either a saved contact or enter a mobile number, to ensure that your calls through to your deskphone are diverted correctly and answered. This improves customer service, helping to ensure your customers can always speak to someone, while also improving productivity as you won’t return to a long list of missed calls. Calls can also be diverted straight through to your voicemail if you wish for them to remain private.



HiHi2 contains its own Voicemail app, giving you an accessible place to manage your voicemails. All saved voicemails can be scrolled through using the touchscreen, so you can easily repeat the important parts you want to listen to again without the need to hear it all in full. If you are on the move, you can have email notifications set up, allowing you to receive your messages as playable files to your email. Our voicemail feature also allows callers to leave a video voicemail if their device permits, so you can see the person leaving the message as well as hear them.