Fund a new office phone system through all the savings we can make you

Are you currently using more than one company for your telecom needs? As a single telecoms supplier, a bespoke package from Harvey Communications can help to save you money, giving you the ability to fund your new business phone system from us. We even pass on the wholesale call rates we get onto you, plus your system will include business-improving features as standard!



Your Contacts
and Call Options

Sync your contacts into one single list, with access to them in the office or on the move.



Contacts and call management made easy

The Contacts app on HiHi2 has been designed so that it is intuitive to use. It gives you the ability to search for a contact manually by either typing in a name or the start of a phone number, while also giving you the option to scroll through your full alphabetical list of contacts. Create a global address book, that contains a shared directory for everyone in your business, while also giving each user the option to sync and add their own contacts locally to their device.