Call Reporting
& Analytics

Enjoy real-time, insightful analytics on your call traffic to help improve your business.

Call Statistics that make a lasting difference

HiHi’s Call Reporting and Analytics software provides real-time statistics on your phone call activities to help you make more informed decisions about your business. Whether it’s providing alerts of missed calls, highlight call-traffic bottlenecks or assessing the amount of time your team are spending on calls throughout the day, there is a wealth of information to help you shape your business.

Call Reporting Statistics

Our statistics give your actionable insights. The missed call analysis allows you to return any missed calls, which proves particularly useful for returning any calls received outside of your regular office hours. The Call Handling analysis feature provides opportunities to see statistics on how quickly your staff answer calls, how many are transferred and how long staff spend on each call. You can also utilise Call Reporting to understand how your marketing campaigns are performing; as you will be able to see which of your numbers generates the most inbound calls.

How does it work?

Our software allows you to configure your reporting to suit your preferences. You may want to monitor certain departments, such as your support or sales team for example. You can also choose whether to include only inbound or outbound calls if you want to focus in a particular area. The software is also GDPR compliant as it does not store names of individuals, only the phone numbers used in each call.

Call Reporting Usage Examples

Our customers have benefitted from Call Reporting in a variety of ways. One customer noticed that calls were waiting longer than expected before they were answered, so they widened their hunt group to provide a better experience. Another noticed a wide-range of difference in talk time between members of the same team, which lead to better training being provided. A third greatly benefited from simply being aware of the calls that were being missed outside of office hours and profited from finally being able to see and return these calls.