Call Recording

Capture all the details from each and every phone call with our call recording software.

Capture Every Detail

Recording information accurately is important for any business, which is why HiHi’s Call Recording software can help your business ensure that you always have important information to hand. The software allows you to retrieve, playback, store and share the recordings of calls so that you can use them for purposes such as training, dispute resolution and fact checking.

How does it work?

HiHi’s Call Recording will automatically record each call to or from your business. If you’d prefer to only record certain calls, you can log into the portal and make changes such as only capturing calls in a certain team, or a particularly direction for example.

Each recording is stored on your private cloud, meaning that only those to whom you grant access will be able to listen to them. You can search for a call using either of the phone numbers involved and you are able to replay the call straight from the portal itself. The amount of time you retain each recording can also be changed; for some industries, such as those regulated by the FCA, this is set for you, but for others it is more a matter of business preference.

How can Call Recording help my business?

Call Recording is already in place in countless businesses across the UK and proves useful in a number of different ways. The most common use is for staff training; you can easily replay a call with a member of staff to give them guidance on how best to handle a question with a customer or present a more convincing pitch to a potential new client.

Call Recording is also commonly used to clarify orders and settle disputes. For example, you can play back a call to clarify the date an order was expected or double-check the quantity asked for. You can also forward calls to related parties, but you must be sure to adhere to all GDPR stipulations before you do so.