Your Contacts
and Call Options

Sync your contacts into one single list, with access to them in the office or on the move.

Contacts and call management made easy

The Contacts app on HiHi2 has been designed so that it is intuitive to use. It gives you the ability to search for a contact manually by either typing in a name or the start of a phone number, while also giving you the option to scroll through your full alphabetical list of contacts. Create a global address book, that contains a shared directory for everyone in your business, while also giving each user the option to sync and add their own contacts locally to their device.


Your HiHi2 logs all your recent calls history, which you can easily filter so just missed calls are shown. This can help with returning the call, as you can quickly dial the contact back from this list. You can also add any unknown contacts from your recent calls into your phonebook for future reference and quicker dialling. Any missed calls are shown with a notification on the homescreen, so you can easily see without the need to go into the Contacts app.

Favourite Contacts

Your Favourite

HiHi2 comes with the functionality to add a contact as a Favourite, meaning they appear in a separate list within the Contacts app so you can quickly and easily find individuals without the need to manually search for them or scroll through the full list.

Add your Favourites
to your homescreen

To gain even quicker access to your Favourite contacts, you can add a widget to your homescreen. When you have contacts added in your Favourites list, these contacts will also appear within the Favourites widget on your homescreen, giving you even quicker access to contact them. This is perfect for those people you speak to often, as you can initiate a call in just two touches, without leaving the homescreen.